Journal history
The journal has been published uninterruptedly since 2011. Its creator and founder is Prof. Galina Nefagina. From the beginning of the journal’s existence, we present the scientific achievements of both, Polish and foreign researchers.

Thematic scope
1. Scientific articles in the field of literary studies, cultural studies, linguistics and glottodidactics.
2. Discussions and reviews of monographs.
3. Ad Archivum.
4. Information on scientific life.

Goals of the journal
1. Presentation of the scientific achievements of scholars from home and abroad.
2. Dissemination of research results and introducing the resulting concepts into the international flow of information.
3. Promoting international cooperation by publishing articles by researchers from various academic institutions, including Poland, the United States, Italy, Germany, Austria, Norway, the Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Turkey.
4. Presentation of unpublished archival materials in the field of literature and cultural studies.
5. Dissemination of current information on scientific life both in the country and abroad (information on scientific conferences and publications of monographs).
6. Publication of scientific discussions on current research problems in the field of literature, culture, linguistics and didactics.

No. 10 (2020): Polylogue. Neophilological Studies

Published: 2020-08-05

Epicization of Drama Structure in Plays of Yaroslava Pulinovich

Светлана Гончарова-Грабовская

ss. 107-121

Dark Matter of Chemistry in the Poetry of B. Kenzheev

Сауле Абишева, Данута Герчиньска

ss. 123-133

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Journal’s strategy
1. Presentation of scientific achievements of researchers from various disciplines in the humanities, and influencing new research directions by placing the journal in new databases.
2. Increasing the level of scientific articles by careful selection of the submitted texts.
3. Expanding cooperation between research centers from Poland and abroad.

1. Points granted by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education (31 July 2019): 20 points, item nr: 27725; the ICI Word of Journals Index Copernicus: ICV 2012: 6.18, ICV 2013: 6.97, ICV 2014: 66.03, ICV 2015: 66.95, ICV 2016: 69.72, ICV 2018: 76.07.
2. Articles published in the journal “Polylogue. Neophilological Studies” are available in the following databases: BazHum, PBN and POL-on.