1. Articles must correspond to the profile of the Polylogue scientific journal.
2. The Editor-in-Chief and the Scientific Editor of the journal’s volume make a preliminary evaluation of the articles in terms of their form and content.
3. After the initial evaluation, the articles are sent to two independent Reviewers (one Polish, the other foreign), specializing in the relevant field of study. The Reviewers and Authors must not know each other’s identity (double-blind review process).
4. Reviewers appointed by the Editor must be external to the institutions of the Authors’ affiliation.
5. If one review is positive and the other negative, the Editorial Committee may decide to send the article to the third reviewer.
6. After receiving the review, the Scientific Editor sends the Authors texts for correction. Within seven days, the Authors send corrected texts of their articles to the Scientific Editor.
7. The Scientific Editor of the volume of the Polylogue journal forwards the corrected texts to the Publisher.
8. The texts of articles approved for printing must be original and present an appropriate professional level.
9. The names of the Reviewers are published once a year on the journal’s website, keeping the division into Polish and foreign Reviewers.
10. It is possible to cooperate with the magazine as a reviewer by registering on the Open Journal System platform.