1. The principle of originality of work
The Authors may submit for publication only their own original texts. Authorship of the article should be limited to people who have made a significant contribution to the article and have been listed as co-authors. The Author cannot indicate the participation of people whose contribution to the article was negligible or did not take place (guest authorship). Before submitting the article for publication, the Authors are required to indicate the contribution of individual researchers to the creation of the text by submitting an appropriate Statement, available on the journal’s website.

2. Authors should disclose all sources of project financing
in their work, (the contribution of research institutions, associations and other entities), especially if the text is the result of cooperation under a research project.

3. The principle of scientific reliability
Authors of articles based on their own research should accurately present the data which served as the basis for their thesis. False or knowingly inaccurate statements are treated as unethical behavior and are not allowed.

The Author should not publish intellectual materials describing the same research in more than one journal (duplicate or multiple publication). Submitting the same work to more than one editorial office is unethical and is not allowed. The submission of a scientific article, which is a translation of a published text, is also considered unethical.

4. The principle of reliability of sources
The Authors are required to indicate all publications which they used to create the article. Works cited should be directly related to the analyzed issue. The use of research and / or words of others in the article should be indicated in the footnote.

Along with the article, Authors send a declaration bearing the handwritten signature, that they have read the Rules applicable to the Authors, that the text has not been submitted to another journal and has not been published elsewhere; and that information on research funding by persons, institutions and domestic and foreign organizations has not been omitted in the delivered text. The legal consequences of dishonesty and scientific misconduct (plagiarism, ghostwriting, guest authorship, data falsification, multiple publications, unauthorized citations) are borne by the Author submitting the text for publication.