1. Coordinates the work of the Editorial Committee.
2. Collaborates with the Editorial Secretary and with the Statistical Editor.
3. Is responsible for compliance with ethical standards and takes care of maintaining the scientific rank of the journal.
4. Cooperates with the Pomeranian University Publishing House.

Scientific Editor Of The Polylogue Volume
1. Prepares the journal volume for publication:
2. Makes a preliminary evaluation of submitted texts, giving recommendations for further publishing work.
3. Establishes cooperation with potential Reviewers.
4. Performs the reviewing procedure in accordance with the rules in force in the Polylogue journal.
5. Maintains correspondence both with the Reviewers and Authors.
6. Qualifies other papers for printing in the journal, including reviews and reports.
7. Provides the Editor-in-Chief with all data for evaluation purposes.

Thematic Editor
1. Collaborates with the Scientific Editor on substantive issues.
2. Consults the Scientific Editor about the selection of Reviewers for a given volume.

Editorial Secretary
1. Maintains correspondence regarding the journal issues.
2. Provides information about the Polylogue journal to potential Authors.
3. Archives materials and makes electronic backup copies of texts.
4. Is involved in the dissemination of the published volume of the journal, in consultation with the Publishing House of the Pomeranian University in Słupsk.

Language Editors
Cooperate with the Scientific Editor of the volume in the field of language corrections of the abstracts of submitted texts.

Statistical Editor
Introduces journal data to national and international scientific databases.

Publishing House Of The Pomeranian University In Słupsk
1. Runs a publishing activity related to the printing of the Polylogue journal.
2. Is involved in the typesetting and editing of texts.
3. Provides texts for Author’s correction and introduces any corrections.
4. Publishes the journal in the reference (paper) version.
5. Provides electronic versions of the articles on the website.
6. Distributes the Polylogue scientific journal.

The Competences Of The Editorial Board
1. Performs advisory functions on issues of the journal’s policy and strategy.
2. Endorses increasing the journal’s recognition both in Poland and abroad.
3. Endorses the professional level of the journal.
4. Takes care of compliance with ethical standards and of the scientific rank of the journal.


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