War and captivity in the context of L. Rzevski's novel Between Two Stars

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Joanna Mianowska


The novel by L. Rzevski, a representative of the second wave of Russian exile, is examined in the context of its reflection of the themes of war and captivity.  Particularly noteworthy in the novel Between Two Stars is the diary of the Russian commander of the camp for military prisoners Kozhevnikov (his assistant is Zariazhskij, the writer's alter ego) and the third part of the novel - the diary of Volodi Zabotin. In the latter, information related to the Russian Liberation Army and the Committee for the Liberation of the Peoples of Russia, linked to the personality of Andrei Vlasov and the Vlasovists, is important.  The ambiguous assessment of these groupings in the German-occupied territories is emphasised. The narrative related to the war and captivity in the novel of the emigrant is filled with memories and notes, peculiar notes.  The author of the novel is both an observer and one of the protagonists.


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