Models of Organizing Metacommunicative Discussions (Based on Russian- and Belarusian-language Internet Communication)

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Татьяна Бобко


The article deals with metacommunicative discussions of Russian and Belaru- sian-speaking Belarusians in Internet communication. The aim of the research is to establish a connection between the ideas of speakers about the functions of the Rus- sian and Belarusian languages and the specifics of speech behavior. Based on the comparison of quantitative and structural-pragmatic parameters of metacommunica- tive discussions, it is shown that quantitative characteristics have a clear similarity and structural-pragmatic parameters reveal significant differences. These differences are associated with the different attitudes of speakers to the Russian and Belarusian languages and ideas about the functions of these languages: the choice of the Russian or Belarusian language determines the specifics of the manifestation of metacommu- nicative reflection.


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Linguistics, glottodidactics