Verse Style of the Poetic Group "Moscow Tiime"

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Saule Abisheva
Danuta Gierczyńska


The article examines the verse meter and stylistic features of the poetry of “Moscow Time” on the basis of the materials of its representatives, such as S. Gandlevsky, A. Soprovsky, A. Tsvetkov and B. Kenjeev. The article also proposes a classification of the versification system of poems according to the principle of banality and originality. The poetry of “Moscow time” is called “modern classic”. The focus of poetic culture of poets defined as socially shocking, manifested both at the level of content and form. Non-standard area, some obviously striking verse factors such as graphics, destruction of the capital letter rule at the beginning of the line, syntax, stanza, hyphenation system and more, are balanced by the use of traditional metrics in most cases, which determines the intonation pattern. The poetry of “Moscow Time” authors becomes an example of productive use of poetic tradition, because they bend the classics for themselves, creating original, unrecognizable graphics, stanzas, syntax, the expansion of the themes assigned to the size, non-standard rhymes and etc. And these style can be explained by the fact that a stable (constant, invariant) complex of elements of the classical verse system in their poetry is a redistribution of known elements within the system itself.


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