The Application of Online Games When Teaching English in Preschool Education

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Izabela Bieńkowska
Iwona Jaromin
Krzysztof Polok


The study explored the usage of online games in teaching EFL in preschool education in the context of their effectiveness. The research reviews the literature that is important while concerning online games. To conduct this quantitative study, the kindergarten teachers of English (n = 133) were randomly chosen and were requested to fill in a specially prepared questionnaire. The main objective of this study was to investigate the effectiveness of using a variety of online games in teaching English to preschool education in the context of teaching vocabulary, by means of the following steps included in the investigation: checking the teachers’ general opinion on using online games in enhancing vocabulary learning process; finding out the potential of the challenges of using online games that such teachers experience; measuring the teachers’ competence in using online games; and, finally estimating the types of online games that prove to be more useful in enhancing vocabulary retention and their frequency of use. Overall, the research results designate that online games present a useful and effective method of teaching English vocabulary to preschoolers.


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Linguistics, glottodidactics