Northern Kresy Phrasemes Based on Function Words in a Formalized Description

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Marek Marszałek


The subject of the paper are Northern Kresy phrasemes built based on function words that for many reasons escape the attention of scholars. The fi rst part of the article briefl y describes the issues related to the predilection of scholars for omitting multi-word units and explaining single words despite the fact that the former are much more common in natural languages than the single-word units. The part that presents material focuses on 67 phrasemes confi rmed by 223 examples extracted from Vilnius press from the years 1960–1979 as well as book publishing houses printed in Soviet Lithuania in the years 1949–1985. The phrasematic material is presented in the formalized form, adapting the principles of language units description proposed by A. Bogusławski and M. Danielewiczowa. Phrasemes are mostly of East Slavic origin. Approximately 36% of units were also found in other sources.


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Linguistics, glottodidactics