Semantics of the Color Image in the Poetical World of Bakhyt Kenjeev

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Saule Abisheva
Madina Moldagali
Danuta Gierczynska


The article deals with the coloristic elements in the poetical world of Bakhyr Kenjeev, the Russian poet of Kazakh descent. The aims are to create a frequency dictionary, where all the words with color semantics were collected and counted, and a functional thesaurus of the most used coloristic elements, which were black, gold and blue from the poetical book of Bakhyt Kenjeev Poslanie [Message]. While analyzing the usage of the black, gold and blue colors, the thematic spheres were identified. Most of the themes were covered with black and gold colors, which were identified as the antithesis in the poetry of the poet. The work showed that the colors play one of the main roles in the uniqueness of Kenjeev`s poetic thought and his individual style.


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Literary studies