Language Polysemy of Speech Acts in Business English Discourse: Translation Aspect

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Nataliia Zinukova


Language polysemy of speech acts in Business English discourse in the texts of business negotiations

The article considers the specific characteristics of Business English discourse, the structure of the discourse space according to the principle of linearity (repetition and stepwise) and the criteria of a certain type of discourse are determined.

Taking into account sociolinguistic parameters, there were singled out the fields of functioning institutional business discourse (professional: negotiations, presentations, reports; academic and public: popular scientific materials, reports, articles, etc.). The importance of theme-rheme relations in English and Russian institutional business discourse to overcome difficulties and prevent translation mistakes is clarified. The main communicative strategies (argumentative and manipulative), which implement the intentions of the author of the statement is of high importance here. There were analyzed the language units, that make up speech acts (assertions, commissions, directives, speech declarations) and help discuss professional problems. It allows the translators identifying and explaining the role of language structures in mental processes of understanding and producing all types of texts in modern business communication and choosing the right translation strategy.


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Linguistics, glottodidactics