Organization of Communicative Activities in the Lessons of the Native (Russian) Language

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Наталия Мальцева-Замковая
Ирина Моисеенко


The article is devoted to the problem of organizing communication activities in the lessons of the Russian (native) language in the conditions of Estonia, where after the restoration of independence a new geopolitical situation has developed. The possibil- ity of its implementation in special lessons of speech development is shown, while the stages of speech activity had been taken into account. Criteria for the selection of original educational texts and a system of tasks that allow producing own texts are presented. Possible relationships between the original educational text and the final speech work are demonstrated. The illustrative material offered in the article was de- veloped on the basis of literary texts and is intended for different stages of education (grades 5–6, grades 9–10).


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Linguistics, glottodidactics