Some Techniques of Pair Work at the German Language Lesson

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Olena Beresten


In the proposed study, the author aimed at developping a series of exercises in the format of pair work at the German language lesson. Before presenting methodolog- ical outcomes, the researchers studied the works of domestic authors who dedicated their work to this issue. During the bibliographic analysis it was found that the chosen theme was thoroughly studied which served a solid base for further study. Kostrikova and Kozachiner consider pair work to be an effective motivation to learn any foreign language. The researcher O.A. Avraimova notes that the main purpose of group and pair work is the development of students’ manner of thinking. E.S. Polat and I.Y. Solovyova state that pair work is a form of collective work in which participants solve the problem, interacting with each other through the language studied.

During the presentation of the main material, the author offer exercises for both primary and advanced stages of learning German language. At the initial stage of learning a foreign language, it is very important to encourage students to perform dialogic speech, which is the most common form of language communication. At this stage, the researchers have developed exercises on such lexical topics as «Family», «Food and Drink», «Apartment». Among the grammatical problems, the authors sug- gested such as “perfect”, “prepositions” and others.

The author of the article also noted that getting used to a partner is a negative point in pair work. Interesting methods of changing a partner with the help of colored stripes, geometric shapes and more have been proposed.

The researcher concluded that during pair work, each student has the opportunity to speak in comfortable conditions. It is reminiscent of extracurricular communica- tion, which is more common for young people. In pair work, the student works inde- pendently of the teacher, demonstrating their skills of foreign language communica- tion. During pair work, most students realize that they can complete the task almost without the help of a teacher. Most pair work tasks are more interesting than regular tasks. Pair work is considered a dynamic and positive activity during which it is im- possible to ignore the task.


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Linguistics, glottodidactics