The Linguistic Worldview – its Reproduction in Literary and Specialized Texts

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Mariola Smolińska


The focus of this paper is the relationship between language and the “worldview“ described through language and generated in the recipient through linguistic means as well as the reproduction of this view in another language in the translation pro- cess. It could be asked whether the recipients receive an identical or a similar „world- view“ and idea in both the source and the target language. Transferring a translator‘s “worldview” may sometimes lead to loss of contents or redundancy in the translation process. How is the “worldview” translated into another language? Do translators of literature differ from those who translate specialized texts? Who can interpret and who can only reproduce texts? Depending on whether a literary or a specialized text is translated the reader will – after the translator – either interpret or treat it as a faithful copy of the original.


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Linguistics, glottodidactics