“Yunaya Babushka, Kto Vy?..ˮ: About one Genealogical Code in the Women Poetry of the 20th Century

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Нина Осипова


The article considers some aspects of the poetic genealogy in women poetry of the 20th century. It is associated with the motif of a “young foreign grandma”. This figu- rative oxymoron unfolds not as the saving of the established traditions, but as a break with tradition. This pattern can be traced in the poetry by M. Tsvetaeva, A. Akhmatova and B. Akhmadulina. The author notes the typological generality and transformation of this genealogical code in the Polish (for M. Tsvetaeva), Oriental (for A. Akhma- tova), Italian (for B. Akhmadulina) versions. Creating their own biographical myth, the poets are included into a lyrical dialogue through direct interaction and inter texts. As a scientific methodology we use semiotic, mythopoetic, motif and intertextual analysis. The proposed comprehensive approach will allow us to identify a special layer of Russian poetry that hasn’t yet been studied – genealogical lyrics – and re- search it in a broader chronological range.


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