Communicative Strategies of the Posthumous Diary Georgy Ivanov

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The relevance of the diary genre in the culture of the 20th century was born of liter- ary and concrete historical reasons: a subjective point of view, reflection as a principle of constructing texts, a fragmented view of the world, playing on the border of literary and documentary – searches in the field of literary poetics are fully embodied in the genre of the diary.

The article examines the questions of the narrative structure of the lyric texts in- cluded in the Posthumous Diary of G. Ivanov, and proves their autobiographical and existential nature. For this, the following were investigated:
1) The role of the author in the communication chain “narrator-narrator” when trans-

mitting information to the recipient through the lyric text;
2) The presence / absence of dialogical connections in poems, the presence of a sta-

tus-oriented narrative.

The conducted analysis contributed to the proof of the concept, expressed by the author earlier, according to which a lyrical work under certain conditions (in the presence of genre modifications inherent in non-fiction literature) is capable of per- forming autobiographical and memoir functions.

The research uses system-typological, comparative, historical and cultural methods.


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