Function of the Absurd in the Speech Sphere of Characters (Vladimir Sorokin Голубое сало)

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Ботагоз Байжигит


This work is devoted to violations in the speech sphere of the characters in the novel Голубое сало by Vladimir Sorokin. The characters of the novel suff er from mental disorders, which are manifested in their letters and dialogues. V. Sorokin uses obvious grammatical errors in Chinese characters, Chinese in Cyrillic (since one of the main characters does not accept Russian language), German, French, English (English in Cyrillic, or contamination of English and Russian within one lexeme) ), occasional words, repetitions, speech “stuttering”, specifi c use of numerals, lack of speech symmetry in sentences, etc. The absurdity of the characters’ speech has some hidden meaning, refl ecting the subconscious experiences and mental states (including mental
deviations) of the characters.


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Linguistics, glottodidactics