Intertextual Links in Ryhor Borodulin’s Poems

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Ірына Балабановіч


The purpose of the article is to determine the specifi city of the organization of intertextual links of R. Borodulin’s lyrics as an idiostylistic feature, essential for the formation of the artistic content of his poems. The works included in R. Borodulin’s collections of diff erent times have been analyzed on the basis of the positions of the theory of intertextuality developed in text linguistics. The author comes to the conclusion that R. Borodulin’s lyrics are oriented to the folk element – folklore, the texts of which are most often referred to by intertextually marked elements. They can perform various functions, from the creation of a local image to the formation of compositional and / or fi gurative structure of the whole poem, but they are always related to the value
orientations of the poet. The Bible and Belarusian literature (texts of predecessors and – to a greater extent – contemporaries) are in the second place in terms of the number of references among the sources of intertextuality. The connection with the biblical pretext is present at all stages of R. Borodulin’s work, but in the course of time such references become more refl ective and commented. Formally, intertextuality is represented by all possible structural types. Among the various forms of intertextuality proper in the works of R. Borodulin the most frequent are allusions. “Playing” upon the titles of collections and individual works of predecessors and contemporaries can be considered as a distinctive feature of R Borodulin’s lyrics. Meanwhile the title quotes do not require the reader to know the pretexts. Parody and elements of parody are widely presented in the collections (including genre parody which is associated with the actualization of “negative” architextual connections).


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Linguistics, glottodidactics