Иван Бунин в воспоминаниях Н. Берберовой, И. Одоевцевой и З. Шаховской

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Patryk Witczak


Ivan Bunin in the memories of Nina Berberova, Irina Odoevtseva and Zinayda Shahovskaya

This paper presents I. Bunin’s portrait in the memories of the women writers: N. Ber- berova, I. Odoevtseva and Z. Shahovskaya which were the “first wave” of the younger russian emigration. These memoirs are slightly different from the professional expressions and opinions of the critics and writers in the emigration. Berberova writes about Bunin as a rough man, talented, but with a very difficult personality. On the contrary Odoyevtseva and Shahovskaya presented Bunin as a wonderful person. What should be underscored is that all of these memories are subjective.


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